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BT puppy mill rescue
Success Stories


Rosie spent most of her life in Lancaster, PA.
She lived in a small cage, producing puppys. When Rosie was about 5 yrs old, she managed to escape this cage and was found by the animal warden.
The animal warden got ahold of the woman who was breeding Rosie and told her he found BT female..She said she didn't want her back, to destroy her.
Rosie then came into rescue by way of Merr Klink. Was adopted out to a couple who really didn't understand the issues that surounded Rosie. They couldn't handle it so then I offered to take her on.
Rosie's back legs didn't work well when I got her. She had no strength in them at all, from years of never using them. Our first walk, she couldn't make it halfway around the block. She's growing and changing everyday.
emotionally and physically on the way to recovery.