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BT puppy mill rescue
Monthly Raffle

Raffle item for MARCH 2001

Here ia a soft cover book about dog training made easy, The Lazy Way. It's
funny, sensible, and has all kinds of tips and suggestions. The author's
motto is " It doesn't have to be a pain to Train!!".
THANK YOU Debra for Donating this item!


$2. for 1 chance at the raffle item.

3 prizes
1st prize - raffle item
2nd prize - 3 chances at next month's raffle
3rd prize - 1 chance at next month's raffle.

100% off ALL money made goes for freeing the Boston Terriers or for vet bills.

February raffle winners

Congratulations to our winners!
1st place - Terry
2nd place - Merr
3rd. place Debra Burke

To get into this months raffle all payments must be postmarked by the end of March any payments made in April will go for the following raffle. The drawing will be on April 15th.

WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL (please send email address if paying by snail mail) AND WILL ALSO BE PLACED ON THIS PAGE ON THE 16TH.

If you have an item you would like to donate for the raffle please email me at or see the donation page. Thank you!

send snail mail payments made out to B. Miller to:

puppymill rescue raffle
c/o Kathy Labay
861 New Jersey Ave
Tom's River, NJ 08753

please no cash in the mail

You can also enter the raffle via paypal at email address last name Miller. PLEASE put in notes that it is for the raffle!


If you have any questions about the raffle please contact Laura at