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How to Fight Puppymills

If there is a pet store selling puppies near you, please write to them and tell them that you will boycott that store until they quit selling puppies.


Brought to you by "Dying for Love"
A group of friends against Puppy Mills at
Visit the USDA web site, which has their mission statements regarding "humane" conditions for animals at
and read the mission statements carefully so you can be prepared to discuss the puppy mill problem very thoroughly, using the USDA's own words.
Then please contact Dr Ron Dehaven and encourage him to follow up on all of his inspectors to ensure a job well done. Dr. DeHaven can be reached at 301/734-4980 or 4981. His address is: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, United States Dept. of Agriculture, 12th and Independence Streets, SW, Washington DC 20250. Should Dr. DeHaven be out of the office, you may find Dr. Kahn and Dr. Goldentyre acting in his stead. Be persistent. Keep at it until you get a response.

Never give away any animal "free to good home." Many unethical people will answer the ad (some will even bring children). They WILL NOT think twice about lying to you.

Please fix all non show quality animals. It is healthier for the animals and if they are lost/stolen they will not be used to breed. (Fixing an animal does NOT make a pet fat - over feeding and under exercising will make a pet fat)

I can't say this enough! Know your breed! Breeders who are selling (for example) "rare blue eyed Boston Terriers" are not ethical breeders. Blue eyed Boston Terriers mean that they carry the deaf gene and should not be bred and their parents also should no longer breed. This would indicate a back yard breeder or puppymill.

Puppymills are not illegal, but they do need to have the permits and inspections. If you suspect a puppymill in your town please contact your local animal control office. They will be able to tell you about the laws in your area concerning Puppymills.