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BT puppymill rescue
Phoebe's Page



First picture is her in misery before her surgery to remove the pups. Second is her at her foster home.

The Boston Terrier puppymill site would like to thank Animal Placement Bureau at for letting us share the story of Phoebe.

Phoebe came to us from a puppymill. The miller took her into the vet because she was a week overdue with pups. The vet did an ultrasound, learned the pups were probably all dead and scheduled an emergency spay and removal of the pups. The pups were deformed and not alive. That was kind of a lucky thing for Phoebe since the miller agreed to give her up to rescue because we offered to pay for all her surgery costs, he just wanted her euthanized since she wasn't a good producer. She was in horrible condition, it was no wonder she couldn't support puppies. I have never seen a skinnier dog, she had an awful skin infection which made her hair very oily. She also had all kinds of worms and a horrible bladder infection. We found out that she has a crooked spine and elbow dysplasia which may cause her problems in the future. She also still have recurrent urinary tract problems and may alway have them. These are all ailments that she would pass along to any progeny. Phoebe has since found a wonderful home where she keeps her owners on their toes and in stitches with her crazy antics, a true boston terrier.