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Evie's page


The Boston Terrier puppymill site would like to thank Animal Placement Bureau at for letting us share the story of Evie.

Evie will not be available for adoption, but please read her sad story:

7-23-01: Little Evie wasn't doing well when APB got her from the puppymill. Her lips were blue and she could barely breathe so we rushed to MSU where she underwent surgery on her poor little heart. She was in heart failure and her body temperature was only 91 degrees, in the words of the doctor, "she is in the process of dying". Evie was born in a puppymill with a hole in her heart, it is a genetic condition. She only weighs 1 pound right now, she went through surgery today because she would not have made it through the day without it. In fact it's a miracle that she survived the surgery, but Evie did--she is a fighter, in fact right after surgery she stood up! She isn't in the clear yet, she still has fluid in her lungs, but if she gets through the next few hours, she should have a normal life ahead of her. Donations are much needed and appreciated for this little baby. Please contact for more info on how you can help.

7-24-01: Evie the Boston baby is doing much better today. She is sitting up and eating. There is still a chance she could come down with pneumonia for the next couple days while the fluid is leaving her lungs, but the doctors are very optimistic that she will recover! I will be bringing her home today!

7-24-01--- 2pm I just got a call that I cannot bring Evie home tonight. She has taken a turn for the worse and is now weak and not eating. Please pray hard for the little girl.

7-24-01---8pm Evie is looking better, she is walking around her incubator, I hope she pulls through.

7-25-01---8am We lost little Evie this morning. That poor little girl. She bounced back and forth all night, she would be good and then bad, and then she just couldn't fight anymore. I am going to bury her little body out here with us. Thanks for all your prayers, but at least she is in pain no longer.