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United Boston Terrier Rescue
How to Adopt


Adopting a puppymill dog!
How to Adopt
Adoption Application/Adoptables
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Applications from other states are accepted - phone interview, personal/veterinary references and homevisit are required prior to approval of adoption. An adoption fee is also required, which covers a portion of the dogs' veterinary expenses and allows UBTR to continue rescuing and caring for Boston Terriers in need. For more information on puppymill rescues, click on "Adopting a Puppymill Dog". If you are interested in applying to adopt a dog from UBTR, click on Adoption Application.

While UBTR will *not* ship dogs by cargo, there may be other transport options available through us- so please ask about this if you are unable to pick your adopted Boston up from UBTR personally. Any transportation costs incurred will be the responsibility of the adopter.